Sundance Film Festival Opening to Screen Taylor Swift's documentary "Miss Americana"

With Taylor Swift being awarded the artist of the decade this year - we are so looking forward to her patriotic documentary "Miss Americana" that speaks for all American dreams.

The Sundance institute chose the documentary as it Taylor's struggles in outshining all industry music artists towards crafting her identity in a way that has inked a permanent position in the entertainment industry. 

The Sundance film festival isn't just about grabbing the Sundance tickets to watch the Sundance movies but it is a ground for inspiration that can sharpen your talent.

The documentary highlights how Taylor digs deep to find her own voice and one she found her destiny she sticks with till she finds global recognition as a performer and a songwriter. 

Most Sundance participants would be able to relate to Taylor's hustle in bringing forth her music with grit and grace. As Taylor's 7th album - Miss Americana & Heartbreak Prince launched this August, she has scored high on music records than ever before. 

This year she's been in a popular feud with Brochette and Braun who she claims had been bullying her to sell the rights of her first six albums. Although many believed that the popstar was bending the truth to fit her narrative but she revealed how devastating it was for her to let go of the past.

She is known to keep her private life under covers but being feature this year at the Sundance festival provides her with courage to be real about her industry experiences.

Taylor has also been chosen to represent all female artists that have been staunch in their beliefs to grow taller despite adversities. As an iconic female artist, she chose Lana Wilson to direct her emotionally charged film about gaining feat in all parts of her life.
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